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The Windhover, by Gerard Manley Hopkins

Book Club notes and resources

These are my notes from last night’s subscriber session about Hopkins. There’s a video of part of the session with my slides giving background of Hopkins and doing a close-reading of ‘The Windhover’. You can download the slides and my notes are below the fold as well. There is more about the influence on Heaney and Bishop in the video and slides than in these notes.

There’s also a subscribers’ only comment thread—head over there to share your thoughts, questions, and comments, and keep the discussion going. And tell us what you’ve been thinking, reading, or researching since the session…

The next book club is 14th May 19.00 UK time where we will be discussing David Copperfield and thinking about the intersection of fiction and autobiography. Subscribe now if you want to join us and you’ll get access to the Hopkins’ materials as well. Leave requests for future book club books in the comments so people can respond and upvote them.


  1. Brief background on Hopkins

  2. Inscape, instress, sprung rhythm

  3. Close reading of ‘The Windhover’

  4. Influence on Heaney

  5. Influence on Bishop

  6. Slides

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