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Loved this, very thoughtful

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This is a wonderful interpretation. It is my favourite of all her novels, being set in Somerset where I live. Austen layered all her novels with themes and ideas which are still relevant today. She liked to show us the good and the bad in marriages and the Admiral and Mrs Croft are a precursor to the happy marriage that awaits Anne and Frederick. The emergence of a new monied class following the war is important for Anne so that she can move away from her trivial family. I like her reflection about the Harvilles, that these could have been my friends. With Benwick, we also learn that intelligent women like Anne can have fulfilling intellectual relationships with men as equals.

A few years ago,I adapted this novel with the help of my late partner into a stage play, alas yet to be performed. Your article has inspired me to revisit it through the lens of consequence. I feel another reading coming on as well as another visit to the Cobb at Lyme where Louisa fell.

Thank you.

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