Feb 25, 2023Liked by Henry Oliver, Rohit Krishnan

Great piece which I will save and reread. I am one of those benighted academics that occasionaly struggles with submitting research papers. It is getting better: all in one pdfs are becoming the norm. What is really difficult are the sheer numbers of papers you are asked to review now, given the torrent of submissions.

On top of this are constant demands for information on x, y, or from all sorts of places.

Your piece conspicuously avoids mention of ChatGPT. I can imagine it being trained on academic and corporate intranets. Suddenly the bing of emails, slack etc. will give way to the chatbots providing answers and reporting layers will be disintermediated. How do you see this developing?

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Mar 9, 2023Liked by Rohit Krishnan

Thanks for this piece. So much of this resonates with my experience. A bit depressing though - much focus on the diagnostic. A follow-up piece on potential solutions please!!!

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